Celebrate the New Year 2020, Run a Business Idea with Online Fund Loans

Welcome to the new year! What are your resolutions for the year 2020? Maybe one of your new year’s resolutions is getting extra income. You can do this by running a side business. One of the alternatives that will make it easier for you is to apply for an online fundraiser for additional capital.

If you intend to run a business, it requires careful planning. What are the promising business opportunities in 2020? Let’s see what business ideas you can come up within the near future!

Cafe and Culinary Businesses

Cafe and Culinary Businesses

Culinary endeavors, especially cafes and liquor stores, have been rampant lately. The culinary business is one of the timeless businesses because everyone needs food and there is always a new culinary trend every year. By 2020, you will be able to sell Good Finance innovative food or drinks with a modern taste. For example, health or beverage stores tend to be overrun by Millenials.

Natural or Natural Good Finance Business

This is also a good business opportunity in 2020 as the public’s awareness of environmental sustainability grows. You can sell Good Finance that is natural in nature and does not ruin the environment, and also has a traditional feel like batik or traditional weaving. With this, you can maintain the environment while gaining a greater market share by marketing the Indonesian culture. Examples of Good Finance’s eco-friendly efforts have been its use of stainless steel or recycled plastic bags.

Online Business


In today’s digital age, especially in 2020, online business is still a lucrative business potential. This is because the number of Internet users is increasing in Indonesia. In addition, people search for everything through the internet, so the online business is a promising business opportunity. In addition to using the marketplace for Good Finance sales, you can also sell your expertise if you have expertise in a particular field. For example, design skills, photography, writing, programming, and so on. You can take courses online to share your knowledge.

One example of an online business that can be marketed if you have programming skills in software sales. This is because information technology is constantly evolving, and good software is a catalyst for the development of such information technology.

Home Business

By 2020, home-based business is also one of the potential business benefits. Examples include selling dried foods, soft drinks, and so on. The key to successful home-based ventures is to innovate and adapt to market demands. With the third point, you can market your business results through the online marketplace to reach a broader market.

I hope the article above inspires you to start your business in 2020, yes. If you need additional capital for your business, you can lend a trustworthy online loan to support your business.

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